North Arm of the Fraser River: River Views

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River Views

As you walk along the river, you come to the start of Deering Island. This island sits in the middle of the river. For many years it was undeveloped, but in the last ten years a number of homes have been built on the island. Many of the homes on the North portion of the island have boat moorings in the protected water between the island and Vancouver.

The Fraser river is named for Simon Fraser, the daring explorer who first explored the river in the early 1800s. Fraser's explorations were difficult, since he had to navigate a wild river at the same time that he was discovering the numerous native bands that lived along it. Simon Fraser University is also named after the explorer.

Vancouver International Airport

The North Arm of the Fraser River marks the southern-most boundary of Vancouver. Across the river is Deas island, the home of the Vancouver International Airport. From our walk, you get good views of the YVR tower and the airport hotel.

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